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The Camaraderie offers a world of genuine community

and fascinating, memorable experiences.

Our priority is to provide an open space for women that is free of pressures and pretenses,

among the hustle and bustle of New York City. 

We believe in adding value to our lives by seeking out fun and impactful experiences
and making sure to include them in our everyday routines. The prerequisites? Just kindness.


Join us! Come as you are.

We can’t wait to meet you.

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Meet Our Founder

Jane Taylor



Jane is passionate about making people smile.  

Having moved to New York from Australia at the age of 18, Jane didn't quite realize what it would be like to discover, experience and try to understand adulthood without family or long-time friends nearby. She noticed that other people were going through the same thing, learning to live in this huge city

with limited connections and a tendency to keep these experiences to themselves, making them that much harder to overcome.


Eventually she figured out that the single, major goal in one's life should be achieving feelings of happiness as often as possible and a good support system to help you enjoy life to the fullest with shared stories, unexpected discoveries, laughter and an openness to new friends.

Enter, The Camaraderie NYC. 
A place where every woman is welcomed and spoiled. 
Fun is had, friendships are created and life is made a little bit more fabulous. 

Meet Our Founder
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